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Alien Ambassador Corps "ON HOLD"- Fleet Captain Curtis Bellman

The Alien Ambassador Corps is a role-playing and fiction writing program. Representatives of each alien race are/may be assigned the title of ambassadors and interact with other ambassadors. There is only one ambassador for each race. The RDC promotes interaction between the ambassadors, and along with members comes up with story lines and ideas to keep the program active. On occasion we accept SFI members from other regions on an honorary basis. We DO NOT allow SFI, R-1, or SFI marines, politics or gossip. We are also trying to set up a database of Region-1 aliens not members of the AAC.

  • Alien Ambassador Corps
  • Communications - Commodore John Hoppa

    The Regional Department of Communications is here to assist those chapters who need help and advice with producing newsletters and other chapter materials such as handbooks, recruiting fliers, medical form, and such. Chapters can also participate in the Newsletter Exchange Program where you can exchange newsletters to share information and ideas among other chapters in Region One. Through the program you can stay informed of what activities and events that other chapters in the Region are doing.

    Computer Operations - Captain Kevin Plummer

    Synopsis: This department is all things computers/star Trek. In recent years this department has changed it's focus is to "SERVE" the region. So, our department is service orientated.

  • WardRoom
  • Costuming - Alan Provo

    Counselors - RADM Barbara Lariscy

  • Counselor Yahoo Group
  • Counselor Facebook
  • Engineering - Vice Admiral Jason Schreck

    The RDC of engineering program or Region 1 Corps of Engineers is a clearing house of information resources for all STARFLEET members in Region 1 and beyond. Our yahoo group host databases of written and online Star Trek engineering resources. The sight also host databases of images and technical information on available starship classes listed in the DTS list of ship classes. These resources are updated regularly as new information becomes available. We also have links to the DTS ship information available on the STARFLEET web site. All Region 1 engineers as well as other STARFLEET Engineers are welcome to join the yahoo group and have access to all of these resources and any future resources that become available. All members of the yahoo group are also welcome to contribute resources and information not already on the web site and we also have a Facebook page.

  • Engineering Yahoo Group
  • Engineering Facebook
  • Fitness - Open

    Health Services and Medical - LCDR David Kling

  • Medical website
  • Logos and Graphics - TBA

    The Region One Logos and Graphics has been created to be a free resource for the graphic needs for the chapters and members of Region One and STARFLEET as a whole. We assist with the development of artwork for chapter logos, websites, certificates, banners and patches to the best of our ability based on the pool of artists we have donating their time when a request comes in. We also serve as a place for those who enjoy donating their artistic talent to assist other members of the fleet. We are constantly looking for talented individuals willing to donate their time to serve our fellow chapters. We have a need for individuals who can draw starship profiles, or three quarter views, which build and detail models that are willing to share their photos, those who are familiar with logo design, who can draw starship blueprints or LCARS images, 3-d starship design and animations and who also draw people or animals Andorians to Orions, Targs to Horta's . We try and have a turnaround time of four weeks or less per request!

    Future Goals : Expand the pool of Artists to offer a wider range of talent and services to our organization To offer a forum for those within the organization to display their work..

    Operations - F.Capt Scott Osborne

    Paranormal Sciences - Fleet Captain Jill Tipton

    The Paranormal Sciences: This program is geared for SFI to discuss all things paranormal ranging from ghosts to UFO's to cryptids and discuss their experiences. When I am able to, I'm creating exams for the academy. When there's enough interest, I may create a facebook page. I recommend those SFI members check out their local library to see if they offer Universal Class. If they do, you can sign up for Universal Class through your library and take History’s Greatest Conspiracies, Cryptozoology. Paranormal Investigations 101, Paranormal Investigations 201, Tarot 101, Haunted Places and UFO Studies.

    Sciences - Vice Admiral Richard Heim

    Current Projects or Programs: Region One Sciences is a department in the regional division program of STARFLEET's Region One. Our focus is to have fun while learning about science. Region One ships' science education activities consist of field trips, library and online research, and writing articles and fiction for club publications. Region One Sciences has an online Handbook for Chief Science Officers that provides guidance on CSO responsibilities and possible ship science activities. CSO's are encouraged to send a monthly report to the Sciences RDC, VAdm. Richard Heim, summarizing their ship science activities so Richard can include them in reports he writes for Regional and 'Fleet summaries and articles. The CSO reports also form the basis for Science awards presented annually at the spring Region One Summit.

  • Sciences
  • Security - Lt. General Larry Neigut

    Security in Star Trek is the police force of the Fleet. They protect the crew and maintain order. As we are not in any way empowered as an enforcement arm, we must pursue other areas of service to our fellow members. Through learning the best methods of convention security, and practicing good situational awareness at our ship and Region functions we can offer a means of protecting the safety of our crews and guests. Security in STARFLEET is an observational and educational role, but it doesn't have to be boring. I encourage you to reach out to additional resources such as self defense curriculum and firearms instruction so the hands on role of the Security department can be applied in fun and safe ways.

    Star Crafters - Commodore Janice Graham

    I'm Commodore Janice R. Graham, and I'm a crafter/artist. I can't help it. And frankly, I don't want to. What is the StarCrafters? Simply put: we're crafters and artists. We make things, we create things. We must; it's part of us. We look at something and think, "I wonder what that would look like in green with this wood or that paint or bumpy yarn..." We share ideas and patterns, and suggestions, websites and photos. I'd like to see people in the group who do things besides knitting and crocheting. I'm a handspinner, do tatting, and something not widely known, I'm a calligrapher. I like working with wood. And much more. One of my new projects is to find the plans to make a spinning wheel out of PVC pipe. A friend has one--they work great! If you'd like to join the group on Facebook, the only way to do that is to send me an email at fuzzyelf@verizon.net and please include your name and the email address you wish to use. I will send you an invitation from the group page: Star Crafters of STARFLEET Region 1. We also have a Star Crafters group on YahooGroups; I'm not sure if you need an invitation with that one--I don't think so but I have to find out. Hope to see you with paint brush/sketch book/knitting needles/etc. in hand!

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